The beautiful Aspe valley and its fields
The village of Lurbe Saint Christau right before the Aspe valley
Saint James Way (GR 653) is suitable for families!
View of the Pyrenees from Escot
Geological wonders of the Pyrenees in Escot!
Hiking path in Escot - Aspe valley
Panoramic view of the Pyrenees from the King’s Trone in Sarrance!

Strolls and hikes from Fontaines d’Escot

Fontaines d’Escot is an excellent base and a perfect starting point for many walks through the Pyrenees!

Plus walking in nature is the best way to discover the endemic species of the Pyrenees.


Strolls are perfect for families and guests who just want a gentle walk. For example:

  • Visiting the village of Sarrance and its beautiful church and cloister
  • Exploring the banks of the beautiful Aspe river
  • Walking on the famous Saint James Way (GR 653)
  • Visiting the village of Escot

Both Sarrance and Escot are only 20 minutes away on foot!

Both are beautiful, unspoilt, surrounded by the Pyrenees, forests, streams and rivers.


If you are adventurous and like challenges you might prefer climbing up a mountain!

By leaving in the morning with lunch and water in your backpack you will be back late afternoon at Fontaines d’Escot.

Here are our guests’ favorite hikes:

  • Climbing the "Trône du Roi" mountain (the King’s Throne) in Sarrance
  • Observing the geological formation of the Pyrenees at the Bilboquet of Escot
  • Walking on the crest of the "Roumendarès" mountain from the edelweiss hill

➔ Other unmissable hiking trails (like the mast’s path or the lake of Estaens) are located nearby; you will only need to drive a few minutes to reach them.


We offer two different kinds of accommodation: our family run B&B and self catering apartments (gite).

A lovely barn in Sarrance - Aspe valley
A lovely barn in Sarrance - Aspe valley