Hiking on the Roumendarès crest near Sarrance
Cascades near the lake of Arlet
Beautiful mountains in the Pyrenees
Arid environment on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees
Beautiful views on pastures and the Pyrenees
A cairn on top of the Pyrenees!
Beautiful scenery while hiking
The famous mast path in Etsaut, Aspe valley

Hiking in the Aspe valley

Snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, forests dappled with sunlight... a walker’s paradise!

There are two long-distance footpaths (GR) in the Aspe valley:

  • The GR 10 that runs the length of the Pyrenees mountains
  • The GR 653 (the Arles route) that goes from Arles to Santiago de Compostela.

Hikes for everyone!

The Aspe valley offers a wide range of hiking trails: lenght, difficulty, terrain, elevation gain, fauna and flora...

The trails range from wide, paved pushchair and wheelchair accessible to narrow trails along rivers or precipices..

More information at the tourist office of Bedous.

A few ideas!

  • The mast path
    Carved into a sheer rock face, great views on the historical Portalet fort
    ➔ PDF guide
  • The GR10 from Pierre Saint Martin in the Barétous valley to Lescun in the Aspe valley
    Views on the almost perfectly pyramidal Pic d’Anie mountain, spectacular karst landscape and grand cirque
    ➔ PDF guide
  • Col d’Iseye
    Mountain summer pastures, flocks of sheeps, views of the peaks of the Pyrenees
    ➔ PDF guide
  • Plateau de Lhers
    ➔ Pushchairs and wheelchair accessible!
    Mountain summer pastures surrounded by low mountains, views of the Pyrenees
    ➔ PDF Guide
  • The GR10 from Etsaut in the Aspe valley to Gabas in the Ossau valley
    Impressive path carved into rock, forests and pastures, great view on the pic du midi d’Ossau and lakes
    ➔ PDF guide
  • La cabane d’Ourdinse
    Panoramic viewpoint of the heart of the Aspe valley, pastures
    ➔ PDF guide
  • Le tour de Soudious
    Beautiful romanesque style chapels, panoramic viewpoint of the Aspe valley
    ➔ PDF guide