Yes, it is possible to bath in the thermal water!
The ruins of the thermal station
Inside the thermal station of Fontaines d’Escot
Postcard of the early 20th century
Official document approving the usage of our thermal water
The thermal water in the Roman canal

Ancient thermal station in the Pyrenees!


Next to where used to be several roman baths a thermal station was built in the Middle-Ages.

This thermal station and its waters were officialy approved by Catherine de Bourbon, sister of King Henry IV of France, in 1591.

The waters were certified:

  • Good to bath in
  • Potable
  • With healing properties


Although the thermal station started with only a few wooden baths it slowly developed bigger facilities with medical staff, a 40 room hotel and a restaurant.

At the peak of its success Fontaines d’Escot was known not only in the Pyrenees but also throughout Béarn.


After the first world war the thermal station closed down as patients could no longer afford treatments.

The thermal water stopped being used and was slowly forgotten.


We have been renovating Fontaines d’Escot since 2008 to preserve this cultural heritage, unique in the Pyrenees!

All our guests have free access to the historical ruins and can bath in the hot spring water: a great eco-friendly experience!

Beautiful lintel above the thermal station of Fontaines d’Escot
Beautiful lintel above the thermal station of Fontaines d’Escot