The Aspe river seen from the bridge of Fontaines d’Escot
Fishing in crystal clear waters at Fontaines d’Escot
The Aspe river seen from Saint James Way - GR 653
Swimming in the Aspe river on a hot Summer day!
The riverbanks at Fontaines d’Escot
Quality family time by the Aspe river!

The Aspe river: fishing, swimming and relaxing!


The Aspe river, which cradles Fontaines d’Escot within a 180° meander, is a living and omnipresent force.

Private access

Our private riverbanks are only for our guests staying in our. B&B Suites and our self catering apartments or for guests renting a reception room.


The Aspe river at Fontaines d’Escot is the perfect place to relax and also to swim while feeling very close to nature.

Plus, our eco-friendly approach adds to the well-being of everybody.

Full of life

The Aspe river offers a rich habitat for the Pyrenean fauna: insects, fish, desmans, otters, frogs...


Here at Fontaines d’Escot the crystal clear waters and the green color ophite stones give to the river a beautiful aquamarine color.

It is the perfect location for taking pictures of groups, famillies and weddings.


Fontaines d’Escot is the ideal holiday destination for fishing with plenty of fario trouts and wild salmons.

Fontaines d’Escot can also be the starting point of whitewater sports (rafting, kayaking, hot dog...).

Easy access

One of the biggest advantage of Fontaines d’Escot is to offer an easy access to the river, which is very rare in the Aspe valley.

Just walk down the path from our garden and there you are, facing one of the most beautiful river of the Pyrenees!

The Aspe river in Autumn - beautiful!
The Aspe river in Autumn - beautiful!