Great views of the Aspe valley while paragliding
There are 3 paragliding schools to choose from in the Aspe valley
First time paragliding in the Pyrenees!
A paragliding sail
Sunset and paragliding in the Pyrenees

Paragliding in the Pyrenees

Make your dream come true... Fly!

Discover what it feels like to fly and how the beautiful the Aspe valley and the Pyrenees look from above with a fully qualified instructor.

First time flying

You have several possibilities when first time flying: flight duration, more or less thrill, where the flight takes place…

Prices range from about 60 to more than 100€ for longer flights.

Paragliding courses

Courses to improve your skills are organised regularly.

These paragliding courses usually take place on week ends (2 days) or on week days (5 days).


It quickly gets cold when flying, even in Summer; wear warm and confortable clothes, especially for long flights!

  • Boots
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunglasses
  • Trousers
  • Gloves

Nearby paragliding schools

Flying is done with fully qualified instructor; insurance is also included.

Cheaper prices!

Are you coming to the Aspe valley for a paragliding course?

Here at Fontaines d’Escot you can choose to stay either in our B&B Suites (half board formula available) or in our self catering gites.

➔ We offer a 5% discount for all guests following a paragliding course in the Aspe valley!

When booking or simply checking our prices please remember to tick "Paraglider" under the "Special offers" tab to get your 5% discount!

Paragliding near Fontaines d’Escot in the Aspe Valley
Paragliding near Fontaines d’Escot in the Aspe Valley