Beautiful Pyrenean mountains in the Aspe valley
The lake of Ansabere
The village of Aydius
The Arlet lake
Lescun in the Aspe valley
The plateau of Sanchese, near Lescun, in Autumn
The village of Bedous

The Aspe valley and the Pyrenees

Discover the beauty and the authenticity of the Pyrenees and the Aspe valley!


The Aspe valley is located in the south west of France. It is only 20 minutes away from Spain and the Basque Country.


13 villages belong to the Aspe valley with a total surface of 490km² but only 6 inhabitants per km².

Altitude varies between 300 and 2600 meters.

The Aspe valley has a rich historical background with invaders, soldiers, merchants but also pilgrims on the Saint James way ...

The Aspe valley is perfect if you love nature, hiking, and trout fishing.

The Aspe valley is also known in France for its gastronomy: duck, lamb, confits, cheese, mushrooms, trouts, wine..

For more information

For more information please visit the website of the Tourist Office of the Aspe valley.


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A Pyrenean lake in the Aspe valley
A Pyrenean lake in the Aspe valley