A fancy dress party at Fontaines D'Escot!
Afternoon next to the chimney in Sarrance reception room
Celebration of a baptism
Lively atmosphere in the Henri IV bar!
Outdoor family reunion
A happy group following the Tour de France
The association GolVal after their annual meeting

Accommodation for groups in the Pyrenees!


Fontaines d’Escot is located in Sarrance, on the French side of the Pyrenees.

There is no neighbor around: perfect to have fun and party!


We offer two different kinds of eco-friendly accommodation:

Organising an event

Come celebrate a birthday party, a wedding, an anniversary or organise a seminar, a meeting...

Groups have the possibility to rent the whole chateau: accommodation + reception areas.

Tables, chairs and dishes can be included in the rental at a very competitive price.

On-site activities

There are several onsite activities:


Discounts will be given to groups of more than 9 people.

You can get an online quote or contact us by email for more information.

Birthday party Fontaines d'Escot
Birthday party Fontaines d'Escot