Horse riding in the Pyrenees is a great family friendly activity!
Get ready to discover pristine environments on your journey!
Enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful Pyrenees
Horse riding is perfect to enjoy the nature of the Pyrenees!
Horse riding in the much drier Spanish side of the Pyrenees

Horse riding in the Pyrenees

On top of a horse or a donkey!

Here in the Pyrenees you choose the animal you want to ride!

  • The Mérens horses, native to the Pyrenees
  • The pottok poneys, native to the Basque Country
  • Donkeys, which are good for children

Fun for everyone!

Going on a short horse ride (more or less 2 hours) is perfect for beginners and for children!

Longer rides (several days) is best suited for experienced riders.


It is necessary to prepare warm and confortable clothes:

  • Snikers or boots
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunglasses
  • Trousers
  • Cap
  • Sunscreen


Short horse rides will most likely take place near the riding school but will give you great views of the Aspe valley!

Longer rides will take you to wherever you want to go in the Pyrenees, including the Spanish side of the Pyrenees.

For example: the Guara national park, the desert of the Bardenas, the Pyrenees national park, Saint James way...

Local guides


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A horse near a lake in the Aspe valley
A horse near a lake in the Aspe valley