Fly fishing in the Aspe river - Pyrenees
A fishing instructor can come to Fontaines d’Escot to teach you fishing
Fishing in the magnificient Aspe river - Pyrenees
A beautiful fario trout in the Aspe river - Pyrenees
Feeling close to nature in the Aspe river - Pyrenees
Our friend Joan, his son Jordan and a superb fario trout! Aspe river, Pyrenees

Great fishing in the Pyrenees!

Enjoy a 1st category river that flows around the very place you are staying at!

The Aspe river is famous for the indigenous Pyrenean trout called «Fario» and the Atlantic wild salmon.

➔ Only at Fontaines d’Escot

Our property Fontaines d’Escot is a heaven for fishing with no equivalent in the Pyrenees.

Cheaper prices

Are you coming to the Pyrenees to fish?

➔ We offer a 5% discount for all fishermen!

When booking or simply checking our prices please remember to tick "Fishing" under the "Special offers" tab to get your 5% discount!

Magical Aspe river

The Aspe river has always been one of the best fishing spots in France!

The Aspe river provides a beautiful and natural environment for:

  • Discovering a fun activity with friends or family
  • Learning the specificities of fishing in a mountain river
  • Refining already existant fishing skills

Useful information

Fishing in the Pyrenees is regulated whether you fish in lakes, streams or rivers.

➔ The fishing season usually starts mid March and ends mid September.

➔ All fishermen must have a fishing permit which you can easily buy at the tourist office of Bedous or directly online on the website Cartes de Pêche .

A beautiful fario trout in the Aspe river of the Pyrenees
A beautiful fario trout in the Aspe river of the Pyrenees