Family walk near Fontaines d’Escot in beautiful lush environment
Our riverbanks along the Aspe river are home to a rich ecosystem
Our free range chickens provide excellent quality eggs!
The Aspe river is so pure that you will not resist swimming in it!

Eco-friendly accommodation in the Pyrenees

Here in the Pyrenees we are lucky to live in a beautiful and natural environment that we want to respect and to preserve.


We only use eco-friendly detergents that as biodegradable as possible. Most of these cleaning products are made by Ellie, using white vinegar, olive oil soap and baking soda.


We have choosen not to install air conditioners that consume too much electricity. Also as we are trying to reduce our waste to the strict minimum we do not provide individually wrapped guests soaps.

All the furniture (in the bedrooms, in the living room, in the dining room...) was bought second hand locally. Only mattresses, pillows, blankets and sheets were bought new.

Bed sheets and towels are washed and ironed by our local CAT that provides work for disabled workers. By doing this we are supporting the rehabilitation of disabled people while provinding you with impeccably clean sheets.


We favor organic and/or local foods that are in season for breakfast and dinner.

Our free range chickens provide delicious eggs and our roosters usually end up in soups or cooked in red wine (the famous French coq au vin).

We have our own ecofriendly orchard and we also use wild plants for our cooking (wild garlic, nettles, mushrooms...). Ellie makes homemade drinks using the flowers in our garden (dandelion, magnolia, elder...).


All the materials we have used while renovating are heavy metal free.

Power consumption

We have instaled motion sensors outside in the courtyard and in the corridors.

All the rubbish is sorted out and food leftovers are given to our free range chickens.

Our dishwasher, our washing machine and all the toilets are connected to our spring water and not to drinking water from the public network.


The wildlife of the Pyrenees is a precious ecosystem that we want to preserve.

Therefore all our land is maintained in an ecological manner: without any chemical product.

We use chicken poo to fertilise the soil. We also weed by hand.

We have a natural swimming pool for all our guests that is chlorine free as the water is continusly being renewed with our spring water.