Canyoning is a refreshing activity!
Abseiling in the Pyrenees
Families with children above 10 year old can do canyoning!
Floating around in Pyrenees water streams...
Canyoning in the Aspe valley, Pyrenees
Canyoning is fun for everyone!
Jumping in water

Canyoning in the Pyrenees

Lovers of nature, water and thrills, canyoning is the activity for you!

What is canyoning?

The idea of canyoning is to follow the river downstream in any way possible - sliding, swimming, jumping, climbing and abseiling!

Fun for everyone!

A wide variety of canyoning routes are found in the Pyrenees.

Canyoning is enjoyed by young and old, beginner and expert!

Canyoning is an activity available to families/groups and individuals alike.

Canyoning is open to children as young as 10 provided they can swim and are not bothered about having their head under water!

Local canyoning guides

When canyoning you will be under the constant supervision of a fully qualified instructor.

For all canyoning activities, a wet suit is provided along with a helmet and a harness.

Abseiling in the Pyrenees
Abseiling in the Pyrenees